Swifts action taken on re-roofing project

“/>Andrew Mclean stood in front of his house.  A carpenter from Houlton is standing on the ladder.Andrew Mclean stood in front of his house. A Houlton carpenter is standing on the ladder.

Meetinghouses on Matson Road on the West Hill Estate are said to benefit from a thermal upgrade, including exterior wall insulation and new windows and canopy if required.

That includes two neighboring lots on Matson Road, where Swifts have returned to nests every year, according to renter and wildlife fan Andrew Mclean.

Work on installing new gutter and facing boards on his property and sealing the hole where the nested Swifts were early completed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council contractor, Houlton.

The actual roofing and exterior wall work will wait for the Swifts to disappear again in July / August.

Mr. Mclean said, “They are the same birds. They always return to the same nesting site. It’s amazing how they seem to find the same nest holes. I am grateful that nest boxes are being set up for the Swifts before they come back in May. ”

Cllr Chris Matthews, Portfolio Owner for Strategic Real Estate, Infrastructure and Climate Change, said, “It is good news that the council is trusted to develop innovative solutions to provide insulated homes for our residents, reducing carbon emissions will be reduced and at the same time provision will be made for our welcome migrants from Africa. ”

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