Taking advantage of the closure: West Citrus Community Center gets roof repair | Community

The Citrus County Facilities Division is taking advantage of programs that are temporarily suspended and reinforcing planned repairs and improvements. Just one of the projects completed during the COVID-19 health emergency is the roof repair of the West Citrus Community Center. It was on the County Improvement Plan budget and cost no more than $ 50,000. The project, which should be completed sometime this year or 2021, could be put on the list while the senior center was closed.

Roof repairs began on April 21st and were completed on May 7th, 2020 at the proposed cost. Completing the project while the building was closed reduced the time span and saved the inconvenience of seniors who visit the center daily for lunch and activities during normal hours.

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The community centers help seniors stay healthy and active by participating in recreational, educational, recreational, and daily activities for seniors. The community centers also provide volunteer opportunities where people can contribute their experience and skills in meaningful and satisfying ways. The West Citrus Community Center is typically visited by forty seniors daily, with a higher number of seniors attending special activities and events.

For more information about the community centers and dining programs, call 352-527-5975 or contact the centers directly at: Central Citrus 352-527-5993, West Citrus 352-795-3831, East Citrus 352-344-9666, and Hernando 352 -566-2328.

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