Target Roofing will stay in business


Customers of a company in southwest Florida whose owner is facing jail time have wondered what his belief means for paid projects and guarantees.

Casey Crowther, the owner of Target Roofing and Sheet Metal, has abused COVID-19 aid funds and will be sentenced in three months. He could be sentenced to anything from 30 years to over a hundred years in federal prison.

Crowther told WINK News by phone on Monday that each of its 200+ employees is good. They have families and their jobs are safe. He said the same thing about his clients and prospects: don’t worry.

“I know he is the owner. You know Casey Crowther, the owner, but what is going to happen to all the little people? “Asked Jim Rider from Cape Coral.

The driver said Target Roofing had done the roof of his apartment. Is the Guarantee Good If Crowther Goes To Jail?

“I’m worried that if something happens to our roofs, we’ll have to pay back, and a lot of people here can’t afford it.”

WINK News called Crowther and he agreed to answer questions but not about his criminal case. He said his customers had nothing to worry about.

“You’re in great shape, it’s a great company. This process was for a person and it was me and not them. You will be in good shape and in good hands, ”said Crowther.

Target roofing works as usual and the company stays in its name.

“Even when he’s in jail, he can own a business and it can work,” said Pamella Seay, lawyer and professor of justice studies at Florida Gulf Coast University.

“Any warranty or guarantee in the contract signed by Target Roofing is in effect for as long as the company exists,” said Attorney Nicholas Basco of the Anidjar and Levine law firms.

Crowther said his workers will be good too.

“For me, the employees are the most important part, as they were before and as they are now. I can’t just give up 200 families. It’s just not fair, ”he said.

Crowther said its customers should trust Target Roofing because of its people.

If you are a client, the lawyers in this story said you should review your contracts and if you have any problems get them done now.

Crowther goes before a judge to try him in late June.

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