Tesla Giga Berlin shocks with near completion of drive unit facility’s roofing

When Elon Musk initially noticed that Gigafactory Berlin was being built at the same pace or even faster than Gigafactory Shanghai, many were skeptical, and some critics even took it upon themselves to ridicule the CEO’s aggressive timeframe for the establishment. When work began on the huge property and the buildings were constructed in record time, the mockery generally stopped. Needless to say, nobody laughs anymore.

The rapid expansion of the Gigafactory Berlin was precisely documented by a group of Tesla enthusiasts who have made it their task to monitor and share the developments in the upcoming vehicle production facility using photos and videos. And as the latest videos and photos show, the roofing of the Tesla drive unit in the area of ​​Giga Berlin Phase 1 seems to be nearing completion.

The construction of the drive system in Giga Berlin was one of the most remarkable developments on the huge site. After the ramming, prefabricated pillars and walls were immediately installed in the facility, and it wasn’t long before work on the roof began. Other facilities in the Phase 1 zone, such as the Body-in-White building, also soon began to take shape.

Several developments were observed at Giga Berlin last weekend alone. Apart from the almost complete roofing of the drive unit building, the large paint shop hall has also grown considerably. Pillars have also been erected in the alleged press area, waiting for their prefabricated pillars to be installed. As the cherry on top, all roads in the Giga-Berlin complex have now been paved with asphalt, making trucks and other heavy machinery on the site easier to operate.

August 28, 2020
+++ weekend update +++
– All roads are paved.
– The great hall of the paint shop (PT) continues to grow.
-The drive unit (DU), the roof is almost finished.
-The stacks in the press area (ST) are all set. pic.twitter.com/uNOYJqL46r

– @ GF4Tesla..🏗️🏗️.build #GigaBerlin. (@ Gf4Tesla) August 28, 2020

Interestingly, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has extended his open support to community members and enthusiasts who have made it their business to document the rise of Gigafactory Berlin. For example, when one of the drone operators who recorded videos of the area was confronted with the security of the area, the Tesla CEO stated on Twitter that he personally agreed to the recording of footage from the website. “I’m fine with sensible drone material. Just needs to be at a reasonable distance and not come straight at people. I think our security was a little overzealous on this one, ”Musk wrote.

The Gigafactory Berlin is expected to start production of the Model Y next year. Granted, such a goal is incredibly ambitious, but there’s no denying that the Phase 1 zone of the upcoming facility was built insanely quickly. At such a pace, Musk’s goals seem to be quite achievable. Local production of the Model Y in Germany should also be timely, as other Call Electric crossovers from experienced automakers like Volkswagen are also due to be released shortly.

Watch a current video from Gigafactory Berlin in the video below.

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