Tesla owner shares insights on Solar Roof tiles’ resilience against snowstorm

A New Jersey homeowner who had the Tesla solar roof installed in his residence recently shared some insight into the built-in solar shingles’ ability to withstand heavy snowfall. Based on the Tesla owner’s experience, it appears that the solar roof handles large amounts of snow pretty well.

Tesla owner Tomas Nochta decided to check the performance of his recently installed solar roof during a snow storm. Nochta took several videos and pictures overnight during the snowstorm to get a good idea of ​​how the solar roof tiles, made of tempered glass, would react to snow formation.

Photo credit: Tomas Nochta / YouTube

The solar roof installation turned out to be quite resilient. Granted, a notable part of this is due to the steep slope of the Tesla owner’s home and the fact that the snow itself was powdery. Even so, the tempered glass design of the solar roof made it quite difficult for snow to collect. In several places in the video, large amounts of snow could be seen on the roof.

Thanks in part to the slippery tempered glass surface of the solar roof, the Tesla owner’s house was partially free of snow at the time of the snow storm. This should allow the solar roof tiles to collect energy immediately as soon as sunlight was available. This also made it easier for the homeowner to clear the remaining parts of the roof that were still covered in snow at night.

Overall, the Tesla owner found that his solar roof installation performed admirably during the blizzard, more powerful than what he normally experiences in New Jersey. No damage was found to the solar roof tiles either, although the Tesla owner has indicated that it is advisable for homeowners to ensure that the areas directly under the roof are free of objects that could break due to the snow falling from the roof.

Tesla’s solar roof tiles are currently in their third iteration. So far, Tesla has made great strides in improving the installation times of its flagship power system. Elon Musk has proven to be very optimistic about the potential of the solar roof. During Tesla’s third quarter earnings call, Musk noted that the solar roof was being recognized as a “killer product.” “This will be evident next year (2021),” said Musk.

Check out a video of the solar roof’s performance during a snow storm in the video below.

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The owner of Tesla shares insights into the resilience of solar roof tiles against snowstorms

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