Tesla partners with other companies to install solar roof tiles

Tesla begins to work with other companies to install solar roof tiles and deploy the new solar product faster.

In October last year, Tesla launched Version 3 of its solar roof tiles, now also known as solar glass, and saw its price drop significantly through optimization and faster installation.

We published a real-world comparison of offers for Tesla Solar Roof V3, which shows that the price has fallen by 40%.

Since the introduction of the new version of the tiles, CEO Elon Musk wants to accelerate the production and installation of solar roofs.

In March, Tesla announced that Gigafactory New York is now producing enough solar tiles to install 1,000 solar roofs a week.

While the company based this claim on producing 4 MW solar tiles, which is not really enough for 1,000 roofs, it is still more than Tesla can install in a week because installation capacity remains the bottleneck in expanding solar roofs.

We previously reported that Tesla is trying to hire many new roofers to expand its capacity, but it is also looking for certified third-party installers to install its novel solar product.

We’ve only heard of a handful of companies joining the program, but it could soon change when Tesla started supplying them with the tiles, and some are actually starting their own installations.

Good Faith Energy, one of the largest solar installers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, has just confirmed that they are now eligible to install Tesla solar roofs, and they have installed their first solar roof system.

Mohammed Abdalla, CEO and Founder of Good Faith Energy, announced:

Last December, I reached out to Bob Anderson for the ~ 6,000th time to ask when the Tesla Solar Roof would be rolled out. A week later, Michael Solano and I were on a plane to LA to be among the first installers to learn how to install this product. Two months after the first training, we sent a team of 6 to Santa Barbara to set up their first real job and get on-the-job training. Fast forward to August and Good Faith Energy is one of the few elite companies nationally able to autonomously install a Tesla roof.

He shared a picture of installing a 9.3 kW Tesla solar roof on his own home:

Sunpro, a large solar installer primarily operating in the southern United States, has also been certified to install the Tesla solar roof.

Tesla’s goal is to install a solar roof as quickly or faster than it takes to install a normal non-solar roof. This takes about a week, depending on the roof.

This is now far from the case, as some installations even take more than a month according to customer reports.

Musk said the installation teams will be participating in a new test structure at the Fremont facility to see who can install the new solar tiles faster and better.

Ultimately, the number of Tesla rooftop solar installations is limited by the roofers available to install them, and supply from third-party installers is expected to rapidly increase capacity.

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For more information, see our Tesla Solar Roofs and Solar Panels manual.

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