Tesla skeptic ironically spots new Solar Roof tile variant, still claims ‘there is no solar roof’

The Tesla story would not be complete without the company’s numerous skeptics, many of whom have taken definitive stance on the electric automaker over the years. These skeptics include Tesla short sellers, some of whom are part of a group that calls themselves the “Shorty Air Force” due to their frequent overflights of the electric car maker’s sites. A recent conviction of this group has produced some interesting, if not ironic, results.

During a recent flyover of one of Tesla’s Fremont locations, @ paul91701736, a TSLAQ member, caught a photo of some new roof tiles being installed on what appears to be a test house. The tiles observed by the TSLAQ member were brownish in color, which is a different hue than the textured solar roof V3 tiles that Tesla installed in the United States.

Photo credit: @ paul91701736 / Twitter

True to form, the TSLAQ member claimed on Twitter that the tiles that Tesla set up on what appeared to be test houses were not solar and that “there is no solar roof”. This is expected given the longstanding conviction of the TSLAQ member that the electric car manufacturer is involved in fraudulent activities. Behind this conspiracy theory, however, lies the fact that Tesla is apparently in the process of testing new solar roof variants.

Interestingly, the newly spotted solar roof tiles in the Fremont test houses appeared to be identical in size and shape to the textured V3 glass tiles Tesla introduced in late 2019. This despite the newly spotted bricks with a brownish hue, which made them quite similar in color to the “Tuscan” PV tiles that Elon Musk announced when the solar roof was first unveiled in 2016.

Tesla’s several solar roof variants. (Image credit: Tesla)

The latest observations from the TSLAQ member’s transfer of the Fremont solar test houses suggest that the electric car manufacturer may want to bring out more variants of the solar roof in the near future. After all, Elon Musk determined last year that 2021 would be the year of the solar roof. Offering new variations of the solar-integrated roofing material would help Tesla achieve this goal.

When Elon Musk introduced the first iteration of the solar roof in 2016, he announced that Tesla Energy would offer four variants of the integrated PV tiles. These include Tuscan, slate, smooth, and textured tiles. Since then, Tesla has only ramped up and released the textured tiles on the solar roof. With this in mind, the solar roof still has plenty of room to grow, and 2021 could very well be its breakout year.

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