Tesla Solar Roof 12kW installation completed in one day

Weddle and Sons Roofing recently completed a 12 kW Tesla solar roof installation in a single day. The same roofing company installed a 15 kW Tesla solar roof system in just four days late last year.

Due to its recent installation, Weddle and Sons Roofing has improved tremendously in three months. The roofing company said the plumbers started and finished the project with headlights on, suggesting the team got up early and finished the project late to hit the one-day mark.

Weddle and Sons is one of the first roofing companies to announce a one-day installation for Tesla’s solar shingles. During Tesla’s third quarter earnings statement, global EV manager for commercial energy, RJ Johnson, talked about one-day rooftop solar installations.

Our team completed a one day installation of solar roof tiles this week in Northern Colorado with a design of 30 square feet / 12 kW. As the days in January are short, we started and ended with spotlights, but we’re excited about the progress our team has made and we strive to keep improving. pic.twitter.com/T38eLSYPgl

– Weddle and Sons Roofing (@weddleandsons) January 13, 2021

“Solar roofing is particularly exciting because over the past year we have gained significant experience in the installation process, which is a key requirement for scaling the business. We recently demonstrated that we can complete solar roof installation in just one day, ”said Johnson.

He noted that the one day timeline did not include removing the existing roof of a house and preparing to install the solar roof. Johnson added that weather, complexity, installation size, and other factors could also make the timeline longer.

The Weddle and Sons one day installation saw the existing roof being torn down a week prior to installation as the local jurisdiction required an inspection of the center roof and some repairs were being made to the decks.

Weddle and Sons Roofing is just one of the many professional third-party installers that Tesla works with on solar roof installations. The schedule for installing solar roofs may depend on which homeowners the company is working with on the project. Weddle and Sons appears determined to meet Tesla’s solar roof installation schedule, and other roofers working with Tesla may be showing the same determination.

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The installation of the Tesla solar roof with 12 kW was completed in one day

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