Tesla Solar Roof to top off houses in world’s first smart neighborhood

Tesla’s Solar Roof V3 will round off homes in Lauderdale County’s smart neighborhood. Mississippi Power and Southern Company have teamed up to build the world’s first smart neighborhood called Enzor Place.

“Mississippi Power uses the most advanced technologies to offer creative energy solutions that make our customers’ lives easier every day. This smart neighborhood is designed to make life easier for homeowners and give them more control over their home and energy usage, ”said Anthony Wilson, President and CEO of Mississippi Power.

Phase 1 of Lauderdale County’s Smart Neighborhood will build approximately 45 homes, nearly 50% of the homes slated for completion of the project. A total of 100 to 150 houses are planned for the complete development of Enzor Place. Construction is scheduled to start in 2021.

Tesla already helped Mississippi install Solar Roof V3 in Hattiesburg in a Habitat for Humanity house. Mississippi Power uses the house in Hattiesburg to see how Tesla Solar Roof is doing in southeast Mississippi.

Cross Roofing, a certified solar roof installer, completed the installation of Tesla’s smart roof tiles on the Habitat for Humanity home in less than three days, according to Mississippi Power. Tesla’s global director of commercial energy, RJ Johnson, said the company was getting closer to shortening the solar rooftop V3 installation in the third quarter.

“Solar roofing is particularly exciting because over the past year we have gained significant experience in the installation process, which is a key requirement for scaling the business. We recently demonstrated that we can complete solar roof installation in just one day, ”said Johnson. “Please note that it will take another day or two to remove the existing roof and prepare it for the solar roof installation. Of course, there will be a range of installation times depending on size, complexity, weather, and other factors. “

In keeping with the theme of the neighborhood, the Enzor Place Homes will be equipped with smart home automation, intelligent devices and other energy efficient devices. In addition to solar roof tiles, Tesla Powerwalls – the company’s storage batteries for private households – will be installed in Lauderdale’s smart houses.

In TSLA’s latest earnings call, Johnson said there was strong demand for powerwalls as more people looked for “increased reliability and backup home generation.” “We have a very large backlog of Powerwall orders and we are continuing to invest to increase our capacity to fulfill customer orders,” said Johnson

Tesla Energy appears poised to make big waves in the next few years with its growing product range. Tesla has already achieved success with Megapack and Powerpack in Australia. Solar Roof V3 could be another successful company for Tesla’s energy division. The company appears to be preparing to launch solar roofing worldwide next year. The company originally hoped to roll out Solar Roof V3 internationally by the end of 2020, but COVID may have hampered its plans.

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