Tesla’s new solar glass roof is now less expensive and faster to install

Three years after Tesla unveiled its first solar roof tile on the set of Desperate Housewives, the automaker introduced a new tile design called the Solar Glass Roof. The solar tiles are designed to look like natural roof tiles. They are made of tempered glass and are three times stronger than normal roof tiles. They are designed to generate energy without changing the look of a house – something that sets it apart from regular solar panels. whatever Tesla sells.

The difference between this version with a 25-year warranty and two previous versions of Tesla is ease of installation and price – two factors that held Tesla back after adopting the technology. To give you an idea of ​​how Tesla made the technology cheaper in a short period of time, this third version is 40 percent cheaper than the first two versions. (Plus, this is also a good demonstration of how sometimes it pays to wait a few years for a technology to mature and avoid the early adopter tax – we’re pretty sure some of those who do The version 1.0 of this technology, which Tesla bought, thinks the same right now.

How much cheaper is version 3.0 when installed on a 2,000 square foot house?

Tesla says it will cost buyers with 10 kW solar capacity around $ 42,500 before state and local tax credits and other incentives drop to $ 21.25 per square foot. (The Tesla website lists the price at $ 33,950, excluding the $ 8,550 tax credit.)

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said the company had figured out something else with the first two versions of the solar roof tiles and complained that the total installation cost was too high for their own taste, which kept the total price high for customers.

The company has worked hard to find ways to install the roofs faster and more effectively, and version 3.0 is the result of their efforts. Musk stated that the ultimate goal is to cut installation time below traditional brick, with the company aiming for an installation pace of 1,000 roofs per week over the coming months.


Whether there is so much demand for Tesla’s solar glass roofs, especially outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, is another question. And there is still the problem of planning installers: Tesla is currently hiring and training its own installation teams. The ultimate goal, however, is to enable third-party installation by trained contractors. Musk hopes that the scales will take off there.

Tesla has not yet made solar glass roofs such a popular part of its overall package (electric car and home for power generation) as its cars, which goes back to its master plan. However, by reducing installation time and costs, the company appears to have seen quite a significant drop in prices. Whether this drop in prices is enough for homeowners to get rid of their conventional roofs and install solar glass is another question. A key point the company is banking on, however, is that the solar glass roof is far cheaper than a completely new, normal roof and solar panels sold separately.

So if you are thinking of completely replacing your roof, it makes sense to opt for the Tesla solar glass roof rather than installing a new roof and then buying solar panels which are very visually obvious. Tesla has not yet passed this point on to homeowners who may not have thought of home power generation when replacing their regular tile roofs – it certainly doesn’t make sense to just tear out a new or otherwise maintained roof to install Tesla’s version.

Tesla’s solar roof efforts have been controversial from the start, including the purchase of SolarCity. However, if the 40 percent drop in costs shows something, the first generations of a new technology need to fix some bugs. whether from a technological or financial point of view.

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