The Carrier Dome Is Getting A New Roof. Why Stop There?

Here is a drone video showing the progress of the Carrier Dome renovation. If you are aware, Syracuse’s great barn is getting a new roof and is currently without a roof. Which leads to an inevitable conclusion: yes, it’s big, but it’s ugly. How ugly Soviet apartment block.

The roofless building is absolutely not attractive. It’s gray and bleak. The best that anyone can do (at least cheaply) is to paint the gray concrete those garish Syracuse colors. The next best?

Just rip the whole thing up and have Carrier build a new one.

Even so, they have no problem selling tickets. Syracuse has a loyal following and they can put fannies in the seats. People will come as long as Syracuse has sports teams.

There aren’t many questions about that.

And people will talk about the new roof for a while as a big deal that it is.

It won’t change the fact that underneath there is a big, ugly, almost brutalist design. It’s just an unattractive facility.

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