The Day – Firefighters investigate malfunctioning gas heater on roof in downtown New London

New London – Parts of State Street in downtown New London were closed to traffic on Wednesday afternoon when firefighters investigated reports of a strong gas smell in a commercial building.

An employee at the Spark Marketplace at 225 State St. called the fire department at 12:09 p.m. to report a strong gas smell in the building, according to officials from the New London Fire Department.

The fire department arrived to investigate the smell and Eversource was called to the scene. A ladder was placed on the roof of the building so that the firefighters could ventilate and check the heaters on the roof.

Investigators found that a defective gas heater was causing the smell in the building. The device has been taken out of service by Eversource, firefighters said.

No injuries were reported and only one person worked in the building, so evacuations were not required. According to the fire department, State Street was opened to traffic again after about 30 minutes.

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