The first stretch of Miami’s new 10-mile linear park is set to open

The first section of The Underline, a long-awaited 10-mile linear park in Miami, opens on November 16. The sidewalk was designed by the same company that oversaw New York’s now famous High Line, and the spaces below Miami’s regenerated Metrorail system become a destination for urban walkers and art lovers.

The first phase to open is the Brickell Backyard, a half-mile stretch that runs from the Miami River to SW 13th St. This section of the underline will have a sound stage, basketball court, outdoor gym, butterfly garden, and plaza, checkers and chess game tables, and art installations. A 50-foot dining table has also been set up that can seat 50 people, although space will be limited during the coronavirus pandemic in order to comply with distancing rules. The room was planted with native vegetation.

Brickell Backyard, the northernmost section of The Underline, is open to hikers and cyclists and has space for yoga classes, film screenings, and concerts. This area accounts for approximately 5% of The Underline’s total distance, but when completed will extend over 120 acres for 10 miles, which is expected to take at least five years. The subway will run between the Miami River and Dadeland South Station, providing much-needed green space for city residents.

Miami’s Underline Park to open ©

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