The Home Depot Winding Down Roofing Business Nationwide – NBC 6 South Florida

Steve Rice says he hired The Home Depot to put up a new roof, even though other roofers have offered to do the job for less.

“They weren’t the cheapest, but I chose to pay a little more for the reputation and for a job that I thought would be done well,” said Rice.

But a year after signing an umbrella contract with The Home Depot for more than $ 30,000, he says he is still angry and worried looking at his unfinished roof.

“Honestly, the only thing they did on time is take my money,” said Rice.

He says when he contacted the company, he was regularly promised that they would complete the job.

“My biggest concern is that it won’t finish and hurricane season will come and we won’t dodge a bullet again like we did last season,” said Rice. “You told me it was difficult to get crews. You don’t have the materials.”

But Rice says delays weren’t his biggest frustration.

“The worst part, frankly, was the actual damage a crew sent by Home Depot did to my home,” he said.

He says workers removed his existing roof without properly protecting it, which resulted in water seeping into his roof and home. Even though he says The Home Depot made up for the damage, he still doesn’t have a new roof.

Francisco Peña from Hialeah has a similar story.

“Water falls from the roof,” said Peña.

He signed a contract with the company for more than $ 20,000 in 2017 and is still awaiting completion of the project. He says he’s also angry that workers removed his roof without properly protecting it.

Home Depot announced to NBC 6 that the company is pulling out of the roofing business not only in Florida but also nationally. The company says it is discontinuing other services such as installing insulation, siding and gutters. Home Depot wouldn’t tell us how many customers are affected by these rooftop delays and would decline an on-camera interview, but says a labor and product shortage has been an issue.

According to a company statement, “Last year’s storms have created a heavy demand for roofing and labor that is not unique to The Home Depot. This is not the type of experience a customer should expect, which is one of the reasons why we are running our roofing installation business and focusing on programs that allow us to deliver the best customer experience. We sincerely apologize for the delays. “

“I wouldn’t say that’s normal at all,” said John Chase, vice president of the Roofing Contractors Association in South Florida. According to Chase, a two to three month delay is an average wait in our area to install a tile roof.

After we called Home Depot, the company offered to reimburse Peña for what he had already paid for the project, or he could wait for the roof to be completed, which it promised to do soon at a reduced price. Peña told us that he will choose a refund.

Steve Rice informed us that he will probably finish his roof in the first week of April.

“I’ll just wait and see,” said Rice.

Home Depot told NBC 6 that any roofs they launched will be completed unless a customer asks for another option they will consider. That’s what the company says happened in Peñas’ case.

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