The Many Benefits of a Metal Roof in South Florida

Did you know that the roof of your home plays an important role in regulating the heat in the home? Many homeowners think that air conditioning is the only defense against the intense heat in South Florida. But the first real line of defense comes from the roof over your head.

It is for this reason that most home and business owners are turning to metal roofs to help them overcome the intense heat in South Florida. In fact, a metal roof does not absorb and retain heat like most traditional roofs. Metal roofs do the best to reflect the sun’s rays up and away from a building.

There are many reasons why metal roofs are so popular. Tropical storms are a real threat in states like Florida. Metal roofs are the most durable type of roof for your home. With a little maintenance, it can easily last up to 50 years. Knowing that you won’t have to replace the roof during your lifetime has peace of mind.

Metal roofs are built to withstand adverse weather conditions. The interlocking panels give metal roofs the highest wind resistance compared to other types of roofing products. Metal roofs do not crack or peel and do not absorb water or moisture. The latest metal roofs, unlike other roofs, are resistant to rust, decay and mold. The strength and durability of a metal roof are far superior to any other type of roofing product. This is why metal roofing is so popular.

Metal roofs are light and put less strain on the overall structure of the building. They improve the durability of the structure of your home. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays and help keep your home cool during the hot and humid Florida summers. Because of this, you use less energy to run an air conditioner. In this way, a metal roof over your head saves energy and cooling costs in the long run. In summer you can save at least 20% of your cooling costs. This will reduce the homeowner’s insurance.

Metal roofs are 100% recyclable compared to most other roofing products. They are environmentally friendly and help protect the environment. While you may need to invest more in a metal roof upfront, you get a high return on investment in the long run from lower energy and maintenance costs. In fact, a home with a metal roof can expect the highest resale value when compared to other roofing products.

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