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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2021 / The next time hail hits your roof and your heart sinks or your property is damaged by wind, Jason Elmer is a name to remember. As the President of LMC General Construction and Managing Partner of LMC Elite Construction Inc., Jason has reassured many home and business owners with his positivity, industry experience, and sheer determination. Under Jason’s leadership, LMC has been restoring buildings that have suffered a large or major loss for nearly 15 years; it has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in storm-related damages for clients nationwide, including Greenwood Mop and Broom Factory in Greenwood, South Carolina, and Imperial Plaza in Richmond, Virginia. He and LMC are widely acknowledged as who you want to call when the storm hits and your property is turned upside down.

A Quick Background on LMC and Its Industry Certifications

In 1985, L&M Marine Contractors Inc. (LMC) began restoring shorelines damaged by Hurricane Gloria in Virginia. In the 1990s, LMC played a major role in rebuilding the Richmond Canal in the City of Richmond, Virginia, after it sustained significant damage from Hurricane Isabel. Since its beginnings, the company has expanded from being a marine construction contractor to a forensic general contractor that specializes in wind and hail damages to commercial and Industrial buildings. LMC is now assisting property owners in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Ohio. Clients trust LMC with their restoration work because the company is GAF Steep Slope & Low Slope Certified as well as Mule-Hide Manufacturing Certified. LMC is a member of National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and the American Policyholders Association. It also is honored by being one of the only two McElroy Metals Certified Contractors in Virginia. You may have seen LMC on television, as it was featured on “How to Choose a Roofing Contractor,” a video easily found on Google and produced by GAF, the largest roofing materials manufacturer in the world.

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The Ability of LMC to Handle Large Loss Insurance Restoration Projects

With this expertise along with Jason’s years of experience and limitless energy, LMC is able to handle large loss insurance claims that most contractors turn down. LMC’s skilled staff have efficiently shepherded claims of $250,000-$17,000,000 from evaluation to repair using the company’s abilities and financial resources. Some of the largest corporations in the world have LMC on “speed dial” in the event their buildings sustain storm damage. Building owners needing restoration assistance will be interested in LMC’s comprehensive services.

Site Damage Inspection

LMC provides free, no-obligation storm damage inspections, thorough evaluations that are designed to find issues not immediately visible. “What is particularly useful,” Jason says, “is that we also give you a comprehensive analysis of them, including the recommended next steps. We provide you with a realistic, step-by-step plan of action so that you can understand what we recommend you do to restore your building.”

Jason explains that LMC knows that a successful insurance claim begins with a comprehensive examination of the property that will strictly follow the guidelines and techniques that are based on forensic engineering principles and procedures. “We align our site damage inspections with Haag Engineering guidelines so that our inspections are scientifically sound,” he explains. “There is absolutely no substitute for boots on the ground and being there early in any storm event. It is imperative that you as the contractor set the standard for the insurance company, not the other way around. What we do is bring all of our resources and assets directly to ground zero. We level the playing field and counterbalance the assets and resources of the insurance carrier. Now everyone is on the same page. Can you see the advantage you immediately have? When you engage a claim in this fashion, now all information that is needed by the carrier is presented for them upfront. They have your bid for the repairs, building codes, engineering reports – everything for them to validate the damages and quickly ascertain the repair costs. Now the claim is set up properly to maximize efficiency and accuracy. This not only levels the playing field In our clients’ favor and makes the findings and contractor bid extremely difficult to argue against, but it greatly improves turnaround time to get our clients back to pre-damage condition.”

Damage Repair

“We use only the latest technology to isolate any issues on an existing roofing system, and then we implement the skills that we have mastered from the manufacturers’ continuing education and certification classes to make absolutely certain that all projects are done to our extremely high standards,” says LMC Vice President Joe Edwards. “What is most important, however, is that you will know that you can trust our judgement and our recommendations. There are, unfortunately, many companies in this industry that take advantage of their clients. LMC is not one of them. Integrity is at the forefront of everything we do and always will be.”


This service is where LMC particularly excels. A commercial roofing system is a significant investment, and, of course, it will not last forever. “Roofing material technology changes over the years, so please give us a call so that you can understand your options and see if your roof qualifies for full replacement,” Jason advises. “There is a lot to consider, including the materials you’ll use, the needs of your building, and its appearance. LMC consultants are very good at helping you to visualize the end result and to understand the steps to be taken.”


While hail damage is easy to detect, moisture damage often is not. The drones operated by LMC’s experienced technicians are deployed over damaged buildings and are equipped with the latest in infrared technology to detect where any water intrusion may be present. To solidify those findings, Tramex Moisture Detecting equipment is then implemented. LMC’s team will detect any issues and discuss with you their detailed findings and recommended course of action.

The People at LMC

Behind LMC’s services is a team of LMC officials who have worked side by side with the biggest names in the commercial insurance restoration industry. “What makes LMC so effective is that some of our highest ranking corporate officers, like our Vice President Joe Edwards, have worked as insurance adjusters,” Jason shares. “That means they know this industry backwards and forwards from not only the perspective of the contractor but from the perspective from the insurance carrier as well. This insight is invaluable.”

LMC has amazing relationships with people in key industries, including the nation’s top engineering companies, the premiere water remediation company in the United States, Remediation 911 from Wellington, Florida, and some of the most well-known and respected claims management companies in the nation. “We are also, by the way, represented by the best insurance claims attorneys in the United States: Gauthier Murphy & Houghtaling LLC. I don’t think you’ll find this collective of knowledge and experience with any other contractor. When you hire LMC, you hire an army of experts that work on a 100% contingency basis in your best interests, not your insurance carriers’,” Jason says.

Who is Jason Elmer?

Jason’s visionary leadership of LMC has been recognized industry-wide. Named by NY Weekly Magazine as one of its Top Ten Hardest Working CEOs, he has been featured in Forbes, Fox News, NBC, CBS, The Times, MarketWatch News, The Record, and The Daily Herald. Most importantly, Jason is certified by Haag Engineering, the world’s foremost authority on wind and hail damage for steep slope roofs and wind damage that causes structural damage to buildings. He is expanding LMC to the Mid Atlantic Region of the United States and is even writing a book in addition to taking the Virginia Bar Exam. An avid musician, Jason even collaborated in 2020 with Atlanta music legends Francisco Vidal and John Driskell Hopkins from the Zac Brown Band to compose a song for Mule Hide Manufacturing, one of the largest low slope roofing materials manufacturers in the world.

The Takeaway for Those Whose Buildings Have Been Damaged by Natural Elements

“Storms and other disasters very often inflict sudden, enormous damage on buildings,” Jason says. “In most states, for Act of God Claims like hail and wind storms, you can’t be penalized or dropped by your insurance carrier. However, you do have only a certain amount of time to file a claim. How are you to manage to pick up the pieces and get back to pre-loss condition when you still have to run your business and keep your life going? That’s what LMC is so good at – we step into your problem, make it our own, and take it over, doing the restoration to your building while you focus on what you need to do. LMC is one of only a handful of forensic general contractors in the nation who has the key industry relationships, engineering background, resources, and, most importantly, large loss claims experience to be able to successfully navigate our clients through the extremely complex process of these types of major losses and win.”

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