The Roofing Guys & “Bridge Street” Announce “Roof For A Reason” Contest Winner

Posted: 07/30/2021 / 12:29 PM EDT
Updated: 07/30/2021 / 12:32 PM EDT

Bridge Street has teamed up with The Roofing Guys again for the Roof For A Reason competition.

“This year’s competition was about giving away a roof to those in need in the area, and we’re so happy to be here,” said Angela Flynn, co-owner of The Roofing Guys. “There were so many great submissions. We opened it up to everyone and it was so humiliating to read it. “

Registrations were received in July. Everyone had to write a story about why the homeowner felt they deserved a new roof for their home. A jury reviewed all of them (more than 100) and narrowed them down to five finalists before selecting a winner.

The winner: Marlea Stecyk from Northern Syracuse.

Here is the post she submitted:

My house is older and my roof is very old and extremely weathered with age.

My plan to have a new roof ended 6 years ago when my life changed dramatically.

The irony of my problem is that I was engaged to my best friend who was a very successful roofer who owned his own roofing business, was respected in the community for quality and reliability, and has had a respectable roofing reputation for 46 years. Like the shoemaker’s wife who had old worn shoes, I have an old, worn roof.

I was always on the waiting list, too.

Unfortunately, a cold in the chest turned into stage 4 lung cancer, which killed my soulmate within a year. He promised to give me my new roof as soon as he felt a little better from the ravages of chemo, as it drained his life.

He never got better, he could never open my roof, and when he was delirious with weakness he whispered, I have to get the roof ready.

My need for a new roof, my story.

Marlea will receive a new roof worth up to $ 10,000 from The Roofing Guys.

“Oh, it’s just amazing,” she says. “The generosity of the fight he ended up going through to try to fix you for me before he died. It just touches. I mean, I appreciate it. “

Click here to learn more about The Roofing Guys or call them at 315-558-9511.

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