Tipton business looking to give away free roof replacement

A Hoosier business wants to help meet the cost of a homeowner.

A few weeks ago Whitman Roofing and Restoration launched a free roofing giveaway.

Owner Brad Whitman says he meets with homeowners every day who need a roof replacement for their home.

But he says at least half of them turn down his services after learning the cost.

A new roof can set you back from a few thousand dollars or as high as $ 30,000.

Whitman says that’s why he’s offering a vacant roof to a neighbor in need.

He wants Hoosiers to email him or nominate someone else and explain why he deserves this replacement who is in the house.

“Tell us your story. Don’t leave anything out – tell us everything that’s going on. [Tell] As much as you can so that we can make an honest decision about who really deserves a free roof, ”he said.

Whitman says his company will cover all material and labor costs. The homeowner also receives a five-year guarantee.

To be eligible, you must be an Indiana homeowner.

You must enter by March 31st and the winner will be announced in early April.

To contact Whitman, click here.

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