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Akron-based TK Roofing & Gutters recently published a full blog post about preparing for roof replacement in Ohio. Their recent article discussed the best time to replace a roof and they go on to describe the steps in the roof replacement process. In the latest article, Ohio’s top roofer highlights the need for a roof replacement as critical to the safety, efficiency and functionality of the property.

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“The rule of thumb is that you have to plan two days for your roof replacement,” says Daryl Gentry, owner of TK Roofing & Gutters. Akron’s roof repair contractor states that the size of the roof and other factors will determine the length of the project. Preparation is an essential part of making the roofing process easier. A professional roofing company in Akron, OH can use their experience, resources, and knowledge to better prepare for the roof.

Akron’s top roofer is suggesting homeowners make a decision to move during the roof replacement project. When installing a new roof, there is some intrinsic noise to the nature of the work being done. Staying at home shouldn’t be a problem as long as you aren’t against the possible noise and some disturbance. “

When preparing the roof replacement, valuables and fragile items are moved to a safer location before construction begins to prevent damage from foreign objects that may fall in attics.

“If you don’t want to leave your house during the project, schedule the job to be completed when your loved ones aren’t home, as these loud noises will remain constant until the new roof is completed,” suggests Gentry. TK Roofing & Gutters recommends keeping pets indoors while the roofing project is ongoing to protect them. Roofers need space to throw the old shingles and set up their ladders and other equipment.

The best roof repair company in Akron, OH will make sure your assets are not damaged. However, it can cause vibrations and debris that can damage and scratch windows. TK Roofing suggests boarding up windows for the duration of the project to protect them from possible damage.

The roof replacement contractor in Ohio explains that wall decorations must be removed so they don’t fall off while the roofers work. Any family favorites or heirlooms must be moved to safer locations. Another important aspect of preparation is to remove all vehicles from the driveway and leave the parking space free for the roofers.

They need a place to load clapboard and rubble, and they need a good place for their dump truck. “Keep your garage doors closed until the project is complete to keep out dust and debris,” adds Akron’s top roof repair company.

In preparation for a rooftop project in Akron, Ohio, satellite dishes and antennas are removed. TK Roofing & Gutters recommends reinstalling the satellite and antenna on a mast instead of on the roof after completing the project.

Before the roof installation process begins, an important step is to remove or trim any branches hanging deep near the roof, according to the leading roof replacement company in Ohio. “A reputable roofer uses vinyl sheeting to protect the plants and grass in your home.”

Keep the garden furniture in a safe place, suggests TK Roofing & Gutter. This prevents damage to personal property and reduces the risk of injury to the roof replacement team. “It is primarily a safety precaution to ensure the safety of the roofers who will complete the project. You don’t want anyone to trip over children’s toys, bicycles, patio furniture, etc. “

Another important aspect of preparing for roof replacement is identifying outdoor electrical outlets so workers can safely plug in their equipment when they start. “If you don’t have outside sockets, they must be able to route extension cords in such a way that trip hazards are minimized.”

It is important that roofers in Akron have easy access to electrical outlets without the risk of tangles or tripping hazards.

Preparation is key before planning a roof replacement in Ohio with a reputable roofer who promises to deliver a high quality roof installation. Anyone planning a roof replacement in Ohio should connect with Akron’s premier roof replacement company through their website.


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