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(WSVN) – Believe it or not, workers started tearing the roof off the wrong house. You read that right. They were on the wrong lot. So do they have to repair the damage or replace the entire roof? Find out with Patrick Fraser in Help Me Howard.

Natalie Alonso, roofer tore off the wrong roof: “What is the sum of 4 plus 4 plus 2?”

Natalie Alonso taught her first grade online from home. At that moment her ring alarm went off.

Natalie Alonso: “I was expecting painters that day. They wanted to come and start working on the house, so I thought nothing of it. “

It started a few minutes later.

Natalie Alonso: “They hit, the whole house shook. It was just loud. “

Natalie ran outside and saw workers on her roof.

Natalie Alonso: “They had removed 10, 15 feet of my clapboard from my roof and it was like a shock, it was a complete shock because they didn’t knock, they didn’t ask.”

The company that tore off Natalie’s house had got the wrong address and should have been in her neighbor’s house.

Natalie Alonso: If I weren’t at home, everything would be gone.

The damage has been done. The company quickly put new tar paper off, replaced the shingles, and offered Natalie a guarantee. But…

Natalie Alonso: “You haven’t fixed the problem. You just put a band-aid on the problem and if it starts to leak in three years, what then? “

Before the fake roofers showed up, Natalie’s roof was in great shape. This is the before picture. Now you can see in the after picture that the new shingles do not fit together and are sticking out.

Natalie Alonso: “If I sell this house, it will be a patch. You will think something is wrong with the roof. “

Natalie knows what will happen if she tells a potential buyer, “No, the repair wasn’t due to a leak, it was a company that pulled the roof off the wrong house.”

Natalie Alonso: “Who will believe that the wrong roofer came to my house and destroyed my roof?”

And so Natalie wants the company to replace all clapboards.

Natalie Alonso: I just want you to fix it. I understand it’s a mistake, but that is why you are a business owner and you take your profits and your losses. You are responsible. “

Well Howard, is Natalie legally entitled to a new roof or just a repair?

Howard Finkelstein, legal expert at 7News: “Legally, the company must restore the roof to what it was before it was torn apart. If the shingles match, they can do a simple repair. If the shingles don’t match up, they will need to replace all of the shingles so it looks like it did before. In this case Natalie gets a new roof. “

I spoke to the owner of the roofing company. He was open and honest. He said his workers followed their GPS and made a mistake. He said, “We fixed the problem and did a good job,” but he wasn’t going to replace all of the clapboards, which would cost him about $ 5,000.

Finally, when we had the heavy rain a few weeks ago, there were no leaks.

Howard Finkelstein: “Natalie has a few options. She can take the roofer to a minor claim court to get a new roof. They can also file a complaint with the Construction Industry Licensing Board, which licenses roofers, and they can take away their license. “

Natalie doesn’t know what her next step will be, but she has a suggestion for the roofers.

Natalie Alonso: “Maybe it’s a lesson for you: check the address, knock on the door.”

What are the odds that someone will tear the roof off the wrong house? But mistakes happen.

Now the roofer told me he had insurance, but he didn’t want to make a claim. If Natalie sues him, he could be forced to.

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