Tropical Roofing Products Gains National Attention with Miami-Dade County Approval of Roof Maintenance Coating System

“Rather than requiring a contractor to submit individual NOAs for each product used on an order, Tropical Roofing Products’ new system approval allows the contractor to submit one NOA for the entire roofing system.

Tropical Roofing Products, a national manufacturer of high quality roofing products and innovative solutions for the professional roofer, today announced that they have received Miami-Dade County approval for their roof maintenance coating system. With this latest milestone, Tropical Roofing Products is part of an elite group of industrial manufacturers who continuously strive to improve the quality of their roofing products.

To get approval for an entire roof care system, Miami-Dade County is conducting numerous tests, including extensive third-party testing. The entire roof care system is tested as a package and not by individual products. Obtaining a permit for a complete system makes the approval process easier for both the contractor and the community.

Richard Zegelbone, President of Tropical Roofing Products, has this to say; “Rather than requiring a contractor to submit individual NOAs for each product used on an order, the new Tropical Roofing Products System Approval allows the contractor to submit a NOA for the entire roof maintenance coating system.”

Tropical Roofing Products is a recognized nationwide manufacturer of industrial and commercial roofing materials. Tropical Roofing Products has been providing the market with innovative yet reliable roofing materials for over 50 years. Tropical Roofing Products prides itself on having the professional contractor and distributor at the forefront of product development.

“We are pleased to be one of the few roof coating manufacturers to receive approval for a complete roof care system. The focus of our business is the contractor and we value our ability to relieve our customers’ stress. “Richard Zegelbone concluded by saying.

About tropical roofing products

Tropical Roofing Products has been supplying the industrial and commercial markets with the most reliable commercial roofing materials on the market for over 50 years. They develop superior roof products in all three nationwide production facilities. This practical relationship with the manufacturing process gives a detailed understanding of every product that is developed and sold. More information is available at:

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