TUFFA™ Products New Permit Document Holder

TUFFA ™ products New approval document holder

TUFFA Products does its part to keep your documents safe and secure with a robust, weatherproof document holder.

How is your workplace documentation managed on site? Are dirty, wet, or missing pages of your permits and procedures a headache for your employees? Tuffa Products now has its sturdy document holder in stock in the USA.

It’s big enough to easily accommodate a 100-page manual and has a wide variety of uses: work permits, safety data sheets, instruction manuals, written procedures, checklists. All deserve to be properly cared for.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to withstand the harsh conditions, Tuffa’s PDH01 is ready for use across North America.

Suitable for all construction sites and made of durable tarpaulin material, the document holder is 17.75 “high x 12” wide with two metal eyelets and a Velcro fastener

Simply order online- https://www.flangetags.com/product/letter-a4-size-permit-document-holder-code-pdh01/

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