Uganda Baati moves to refurbish Sanyu Babies’ home with maxcover roofing sheets – PML Daily

90-year-old main children’s dorm in need of a facelift (PHOTO / Courtesy)

KAMPALA – Uganda Baati Limited donated over 300 MaxCover sheets and free accessories on Friday July 23rd to renovate Sanyu Babies Home with a new roof.

Ms. Macklean Kukundakwe Ainebyoona, Marketing Director at
Uganda Baati presented the donation to Ms. Barbara Nankya Mutagubya, the director of the Sanyu Babies Home, on the premises of the home in Namirembe, Kampala.

The donation arrives
a time when the country’s oldest orphanage is home to nearly 50 infants (ages 1 day to 4 years old) and has long had limited roof leaks that pose a threat to the babies and their carers.

Sanyu Babies’ Home cares for abandoned children, most of whom are rehabilitated before being moved to permanent homes for adoption.

However, the house has never been renovated in nearly 45 years, which has left most of the facilities in a worrying state.

Given the plight of Sanyu Babies Home, Uganda Baati will renovate the children’s main residence and some of its extensions that house the children with Maxcover bedding.

Ms. Kukundakwe emphasized Uganda Baati’s commitment to provide high quality accommodation for Ugandans.

“Our CSR pillars include: health, education, environment and housing. This special initiative in the Sanyu Babies Home falls under the pillar of the animal shelter – it is therefore no brainer that our organization quickly caught on with this matter. “

Uganda Baati’s pledge to support the home at a time when most businesses are looking for ways to cut funding is a boon to the home, ”said Mutagubya, director of Sanyu Babies.

“For a building that is over 90 years old, this modernization is long overdue. It is very reassuring to know that the orphans and their carers finally no longer have to worry about their living conditions, ”said the Corporate Communications Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Awori.

L – R Corporate Communications Officer Mr. Emmanuel Awori, Marketing Manager Ms. Macklean Kukundakwe at Sanyu Babies’ Home (PHOTO / Courtesy)

Uganda Baati has consistently demonstrated its commitment to rehabilitate and restore centers that serve the public in some way. As part of these efforts, the company rehabilitated the Agago Health Center in northern Uganda in May of this year.

This ward, which houses the maternity and ambulance departments, can now be fully functional while providing adequate shelter for patients while they are cared for until recovery.

“Work on renovating the roof of the Sanyu Babies house will begin today as all the required roofing membranes and accessories have been handed over. We expect that this house will be restored to its splendor while it continues to take care of the vulnerable children, ”added Ms. Kukundakwe.


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