Universal Roof & Contracting Announces Innovative Metal Roof Replacement Offerings

Metstar Innovative Slate MF Plus 3 Tone Teak Clapboard

… more energy efficient, better for the environment … now more affordable for the everyday type.

Universal Roof & Contracting is now proud to offer Metstar Stone Coated Metal Roofing Systems to its customers. Company President and Co-Owner Jared Mellick had the opportunity to meet Vince Guerra, inventor and vice president of Metstar USA Inc.’s Stone Clad Metal Roofing Systems, at the recent International Builders’ Show in February. Impressed with the company’s innovative new designs and low-cost materials, Jared has just added the aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced Metstar line to Universal’s roof repair and replacement offering.

Mellick’s impression of Metstar’s roof systems: “… metal roofs offer so many advantages. It’s not thrown away every 10, 15 or 20 years like traditional asphalt shingles – which increases landfill – and it’s more energy efficient than shingles and it’s not a petroleum-based product. So … more energy efficient, better for the environment … metal roofs are generally better. So the whole principle of Metstar is that they create a product that normally only the very rich can afford, but is now more affordable for the everyday type … “

Universal Roof & Contracting now offers the three Metstar product lines:

  • F-Series: Metstar’s established product line (over 10 years) of stone-clad metal shingles with minimal accessory requirements to reduce installation costs. The F-Series offers several metal roof options at different price levels.
  • Slate Series: Introduced in 2013, this innovative product has quickly become the most popular profile in some regions of the United States. With a natural slate look, it changes as the sun rises and sets. When the light is at an angle, the stone pattern is defined. When the sun is frontal – just like on a real slate roof – the design has fewer details. The Slate series is also the thinnest design that makes it easy to install.
  • The Bundle Series: Using innovative, patented strip technology, stone-coated metal roof components are bundled in practical packages to enable easy storage (or storage) and simplified roof application.

Only released in January 2014, Metstar launched the Slate MF Plus series, which features a deeper slate profile stamp and a hidden fastening system, making installation even easier.

Looking ahead, Universal Roof & Contracting expects to be one of the first contractors to provide Metstar’s new metal asphalt clapboard: it looks almost exactly like an asphalt clapboard, except that the entire exposed area has a layer of metal between the asphalt and the stone . With this layering, the aluminum reflects 100% of the UV rays so that the essential oils in the asphalt do not evaporate. It’s basically an asphalt shingle that almost never deteriorates. This innovative product is expected to hit the market at the end of next year.

About Universal Contracting:

Jared Mellick and his father, Ken Mellick, own central Florida’s premier construction company Universal Roof & Contracting, a family-run business that has served homeowners and business owners in the greater Orlando area for more than 20 years. Together they host a local radio talk show about home improvement and construction called “In the House with Ken & Jared”.

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