Upgrades at New Summit Thrift Funded by Building Owner

In West Yakima, work continues on the new business called Summit Thrift. It’s the new Yakima Union Gospel Mission thrift store, opening May 1st on May 56th, and Summitview in the former Rite Aid building. Mike Johnson, executive director of the Union Gospel Mission, says work is currently underway to renovate and tidy up the store to give it new life after years of being empty. However, the work on the outside of the building is not funded by the mission. The building upgrades, which include roofing work and a new coat of paint, are financed by the client. The owner is also building a new area in the back of the building that will make it easier for people to donate items with an improved loading dock area.

Summit Thrift is offered in addition to two other thrift stores owned and operated by the Yakima Union Gospel Mission. The original Lighthouse Thrift Store on South Front Street and the Lincoln Mission Thrift Store on Lincoln Avenue. According to Johnson, these two businesses generate enough money to fully fund all of the mission’s administrative expenses, meaning no salaries or other expenses come from donated dollars.
The new Summit Thrift Store on Summitview will help meet the goal of using 100% of all donations to customers and programs. Currently that number is close to 90%, with some of the donations being used to actually raise more funds to run the mission.
According to Johnson, Summit Thrift will operate just like the other stores, with items for sale and funding going directly to the operation of the mission and funding of administrative expenses. Summit Thrift is already receiving donations and is slated to open in the new store on May 1st.

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