US LBM Holdings Opens New Roofing and Siding Location in Paterson, NJ

US LBM Holdings, a Buffalo Grove, Illinois-based distributor of specialty building materials, has opened the doors to a new Universal Supply location in Paterson, New Jersey. The most recent addition is the US LBM’s second roof and siding location, which opened this year and was the twelfth since 2018.

“The new Paterson location, combined with our existing businesses and the recently opened roof and siding location in Newark, New Jersey, provides area construction professionals with a full range of the industry’s leading roofing and siding brands and is supported by a leading network of buildings supports product distributors and category experts, ”said Jeff Umosella, chief development officer and president of Universal Supply at LBM in the US.

Earlier this month, US LBM Holdings announced that two of the company’s Florida operations – Coastal Roofing Supply and Raymond Building Supply – have partnered to add roofing products to the company’s North Port and North Fort Myers locations.

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