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As business owners in the New Orleans area continue to recover from Hurricane Ida, US Roofing Systems is working to obtain accurate information on the extent of their losses and the cost of any necessary repairs.

“We’re not surveyors, but we’re contractors who are very adept at providing detailed cost estimates for the actual damage caused by a hurricane,” said Brian Schupbach, executive vice president of US Roofing Systems. “We use sophisticated technology and a detailed approach to capture the damage and price it so that owners can show it to the insurance company.”

Schupbach said that in many cases property owners had already received a damage estimate from their insurance company’s experts, but had questions about its accuracy. When that owner contacts US Roofing Systems, the company sends its own inspectors to make an assessment, which is often more thorough. The result is a report, often several dozen pages, complete with photos, detailed notes and explanations of the damage.

For example, a recent U.S. Roofing Systems report was 45 pages long, examining the repair work required for all aspects of a damaged roof, including sealants, rain repellants, paint, moisture barriers, and more. Another had several aerial photographs, including those taken with an infrared camera. Most of the photos highlighted damaged areas, with descriptions of the problems and repairs needed.

“It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to document every aspect of the damage and explain how we come to our conclusions,” said Schupbach. “But we pride ourselves on doing well.”


Schupbach said Hurricane Ida mainly caused wind damage, which is sometimes obvious but can also be obscured. For example, he said a business owner’s insurance company found that no shingles were blown off an asphalt shingle roof. However, closer inspection by US Roofing Systems showed that several shingles were damaged by flying debris and that many of the sealing strips that hold the shingles in place were lifted and damaged by the strong Ida winds.

According to Schupbach, depending on the size of the building and the amount of damage, it can take up to a few weeks for US Roofing Systems to prepare a final report. Once the report is complete, most property owners allow US Roofing Systems to meet with their insurance experts to review the results.

“Usually there is another visit on site, where we bring our inspection report and cost estimate and the insurance company their own,” said Schupbach. “We can show them what they have missed and all the details that we have.”

Schupbach says that when they explain how they came to their conclusions, they often get little negative feedback from insurance companies.

“We’re not the kind of contractors trying to point out fake damage or something that isn’t there,” he said. “Our aim is to document real damage and ensure that business owners get what they are entitled to.”


Schupbach added that while many reviewers will be taking time off in the coming weeks due to the holidays, the US Roofing Systems team will continue to operate in New Orleans for the foreseeable future with minimal disruption.

“We’ll keep going out on the road and working with customers,” he said. “We won’t stop while people need us.”

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