WATCH: Golden retriever follows owner up ladder onto roof

by: Nexstar Media Wire and KOIN

Posted: Jan 13, 2021/11:01 AM EST
Updated: Jan 13, 2021 / 11:01 am EST

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A golden retriever goes viral after its owner’s surveillance footage revealed him climbing a ladder and following him to the roof of his Oregon home.

Vince Matteson owns a pair of two year old Golden Retrievers, Ace and Bo, in Milwaukie. He posted a video of one of the dogs, Ace, with him on the roof of his house after discovering he had followed him there.

According to CBS This Morning, Matteson went up on the roof to turn off the Christmas lights.

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He checked his surveillance video and saw Ace climb the ladder behind him as Bo watched.

“Ace climbs the whole ladder alone and is now up on the roof,” someone says on a video.

You can see more of Ace and Bo on Matteson’s Instagram.

WATCH: A dog owner in Portland, Oregon was just turning off his Christmas lights when his dog Ace decided to join him. 🐶

Security material was held the moment the brave puppy climbed the ladder. @ VladduthiersCBS shares.

– CBS this morning (@CBSThisMorning) January 12, 2021

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