Watch This Amazing Time-Lapse Tesla Solar Roof Installation

roofer Weddle and Sons Roofing I just completed a Tesla solar roof installation in Topeka, Kansas. The project was a 40 square feet (4000 square feet) 15 kW Tesla solar roof. The company filmed the entire four-day project and is now sharing it with the world on YouTube, in time-lapse form of course

We’ll see how Weddle and Sons were set up for the epic project, then install the PV tiles, glass tiles, and lightning bolts. The tearing off of the original roof and drying out are not included in the video.

While Tesla Solar has been around for a while and has touted its solar roof heavily for a while, it still isn’t “big news”. If you search the internet, you will likely find some negative information about the Tesla solar roof. This is partly due to the acquisition situation of SolarCity. Plus, Tesla solar roof sales weren’t exactly booming. Additionally, some owners have reported issues they encountered during the installation.

With this in mind, solar energy is the future. If a company is able to do well with a solar roof, Tesla should be on the list and arguably top it. However, just like when Tesla started selling electric cars, it is a new technology and there is still little demand for it in most areas. It’s also expensive, and technology will improve over time.

Regarding the issues some people have reported about installing it, it is important that you do your homework and investigate the contractors who are installing your solar roof. Do you have experience? Can you see a finished roof for reference? In this case, Weddle and Sons Roofing was wise to share the video, get some exposure, and promote the Tesla solar roof. We imagine that doing this will make them extra business, and chances are they know what they are doing and will be forced to provide great work and service.

Check out the video above. Then let us know if you have solar. Did you go with tesla What do you think of the Tesla solar roof?

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