Watch This Model S Lose Its Roof In China: Tesla Explains What Happened

After we reported that a Tesla Model Y had lost its glass roof in the United States, we hoped it wouldn’t happen again. Unfortunately only this time in China. While some made fun of it, claiming that even Tesla cars made in this country had quality control issues, it wasn’t. The vehicle that presented the problem was a Model S, not the China-made Model 3.

The whole situation appears to have happened on November 22nd when the video from the Car01 profile was shared on Weibo social media. We used google translate to understand what was published and it came with the F word. Sorry, but here is what was written.

According to Cars01, a reader sent them the video, which ironically was recorded from a regular dashcam, not from Teslacam or any other Tesla device. Apparently no one was injured and the flying glass roof did not damage a car. Just 4 hours and a minute after the post was published, Tesla interacted with him to explain what had happened.

Check to see if a Tesla Model S loses its roof in China

As you can see, thanks to Google Translate, Tesla has replaced the glass roof with an authorized third-party body shop. While it may have been their fault, the fact that it was an authorized company to perform the service does not completely relieve the automaker of responsibility in this episode, especially if all official procedures and materials were properly applied. This is likely why Tesla said it is still investigating what happened.

In the video, we see how the Tesla accelerates very quickly in the right lane until the glass roof flies off and blows up several times. The Model S brakes instantly when this happens and we can hear when it hits the ground.

We tried to use the conversational translator offered by Google but it didn’t help us understand what the people in the car who filmed the whole situation are discussing. If you can help us with this, please share the translation in the comments below.

We’d also like to hear from the owner, the shop that replaced the glass roof, and Tesla on this one, especially if the company can share the research.

Source: White fool via Twitter

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