Watch Time Lapse of 4-Day Tesla Solar Roof Installation

In recent months, it has been reported that Tesla rooftop solar installations are taking an awfully long time – more than two months in one case – and have contributed to frustrations over past delays in the company’s launch of the solar panel product.

Now a more positive story has surfaced after sharing a time-lapse video of one of the solar rooftops installed near Topeka, Kansas, in just four days.

The big catch is that Tesla didn’t do the installation itself and it was taken over by a third, Weddle and Sons Roofing.


Partnerships with Tesla umbrella companies are paying off

Tesla recently announced that it is partnering with other roofing companies to install its solar roof tiles. We can now see a successful example of this partnership with roofer Weddle and Sons Roofing.

In the video description of the time-lapse video, the company wrote: “Weddle and Sons Roofing has just completed a 40 square meter 15 kW Tesla solar roof installation near Topeka, Kansas. This time span includes 4 days for the installation of the PV tiles, glass tiles and strips. On the Friday before the start of this time lapse, the existing roof was torn down and dried with a two-layer Firestone underlay. “

It’s worth noting that those four days don’t include removing the roof and installing the underlay, although that’s still a pretty impressive timeframe for most of the installation time.

Optimizing an inconsistent process

It really seems like Tesla’s solar roof is in the testing phase, even though it has been released to paying customers.

As reported by Elektrek, several Tesla solar rooftop customers reached out to them after reporting a two-month nightmare installation. They stated that the Tesla solar team and the installation had no communication

It looks like third-party companies like Weddle and Sons, with more experience with rooftop installations, could help Tesla streamline its solar roofing process and make it more attractive to homeowners than it has been before. Check out the time-lapse of the four-day installation below.

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