Wendell Elementary Begins Year in New Building | Local

So far this school year there are already more elementary school students than expected – especially in the first and fourth grades.

In the first grade there are around 125 children in five grades.

Lowe said the district staff would “do what we have to” to cater to the larger number of students, such as by potentially hiring another teacher.

For the fourth grade, the district administrations reduced an apprenticeship position at the end of the last school year based on the expected enrollment. But since then, more students have enrolled.

Moving into the new building

After the construction work on the new elementary school was completed, moving in was a time-consuming process.

Even if the teacher contracts for the school year only started a few days ago, many take time from August 1st to set up their new classrooms.

“You spent a lot of time doing this,” said Lowe.

The IT staff in the school district also had a big project: to put the equipment into operation in the new building.

Each classroom has a projector, document camera, five student computers and a teacher computer.

There is also a new feature in every classroom – an amplifier system with speakers on the ceiling.

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