West Cumbrian roofing firm duo facing prison for fraud

TWO West Cumbrian men involved in “really big” frauds have been warned that they face likely prison terms.

Kevin Musson, 63, and Ryan Musson, 39, admitted crimes related to their involvement in a company called Cumbria Roofing Northwest when they appeared at Carlisle Crown Court yesterday.

Musson Sr. of Calderbridge, Seascale, pleaded guilty to three criminal offenses.

They were: Violating the disqualification of a company director by serving as manager of Cumbria Roofing Northwest between May 12, 2016 and May 30 of the following year; fraudulent removal of £ 9,450 from the company after a voluntary liquidation order was passed on the company; and a similar offense at £ 28,583.

The Orchard’s Ryan Musson, Ravenglass, admitted the two offenses: assisting a beneficiary Kevin Musson to violate the company’s executive director’s disqualification; and filing an improper motion for a company deleting the company deleting the order.

Prosecutors accepted not guilty pleas for a number of alleged crimes both men faced.

They contained charges that both men had fraudulently removed from a company that was about to be wound up.

Judge Simon Medland ordered background reports on both defendants and ruled that they must keep an overnight curfew until they are convicted on April 8.

He told the defendants that there was a “high risk” that they would be taken into custody immediately.

“All options are open,” said the judge, adding, “These are really big fraudulent crimes.” He gave the defendants the option of serving a curfew pending judgment and stated that every two days a prison term would be reduced by one day.

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