‘Wicked’ fraudster conned elderly out of thousands in roofing scam

A “despicable” scammer who persecuted retirees and cheated them out of thousands of pounds for work they never asked for has avoided being sent to jail.

Cold caller Nicola Turton was already jailed for a number of similar crimes and visited three men between the ages of eighty and ninety on bail in early 2019.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the 32-year-old repeatedly attended the addresses of those she targeted for money in the Kimberworth area of ​​Rotherham.

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Prosecutor Deborah Smithies said Turton even drove retirees to an ATM so they could hand over the money she asked for during the January and February 2019 fraud cases.

Turton’s approach was identical on every occasion, knocking on victims’ doors as a sales representative for a roofing company.

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She often told those she cheated on that they owed money for work done without her knowledge and told some of those victims that she needed money for diesel.

One of the then 84-year-old men was betrayed by more than 2300 pounds.

Despite the admission of four fraud cases, it was revealed that Turton was unable to pay compensation because it was using benefits and had no money left at the end of the month.

These crimes were committed at the same time as those for which she had previously been jailed, and meant the record Simon Eckersley could give a suspended sentence after hearing that she had changed her life.

He suspended a 12-month two-year sentence and told Turton that she had to do 200 hours of unpaid work and 25 days of rehabilitation, which he described as her “despicable and nasty dishonesty.”

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Recorder Eckersley added, “While these crimes are beyond custody, I think it would be wrong now, in my opinion, to send you back to prison.”

Turton of St. Mary’s Road in Barnsley is also on drug rehabilitation for nine months.

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