Wilsonart® Solid Surface New Realistic Marble Looks

The beauty of nature combines with innovative design innovations in the latest additions to the Wilsonart® Solid Surface Collection. The portfolio of 11 new products from Wilsonart, a world-class innovator in next-generation technical surfaces, includes a range of motion designs that capture the beauty and drama of marble normally only seen in natural materials like quartz and stone. The design applications offer the look of authentic marble on an extremely durable solid acrylic surface and are practically unlimited for the kitchen, bathroom and beyond.

“Wilsonart is revolutionizing surface design with the introduction of The Crafted Collection to our Solid Surface line,” said Danielle Mikesell, Wilsonart global vice president of marketing and design. “This collection captures the beauty of natural marble in a way that blurs the lines between man-made and natural materials. While other acrylic surfaces offer waves of movement, The Crafted Collection takes realism to a new level with veins that have more depth and variance from long, thick stripes to soft, thin feathers. Ultimately, it is the scope and definition of these designs that set them apart from other products. “

The handmade collection

The new Crafted Collection of the portfolio is ideally suited for living environments and gives every home decor the organic look of prestigious marble. From the subtle veining reminiscent of Carrara marble, to the rare, bold beauty of Calacatta stone, to the contrasting appeal of Statuario marble, this collection features distinctive structures and movements to create a visual appeal that compliments any space . Designs include:

Monte Amiata (9911SS) – A large format, bright white design inspired by Calacatta marble. This surface design is crossed diagonally by long, active, cool, gray veins, the thickness of which varies.

Ice Statuario (9912SS) – A large format white design with medium sized particles in white and gray with thin, high contrast veins in cool and dark gray tones actively extending across the plate.

Carrara Emporio (9909SS) – A large sized, crisp white translucent design inspired by Carrara marble with thin, feathery veins in cool gray that snake across its entire surface.

“Wilsonart Solid Surface deals Combine natural beauty with technical performance to meet the demands of an active lifestyle, ”said Mikesell. “These new designs offer the authentic look of marble and natural stone that today’s homeowners seek on durable, low-maintenance surfaces ready to meet the everyday challenges of today’s busy households.”

2021 Wilsonart Solid Surface Collection

In addition to the residential look from The Crafted Collection, Wilsonart has introduced eight additional Solid Surface options that are suitable for both commercial and residential applications. The designs range from relaxed, solid whites to motion designs that capture the appearance of wind and stone:

· Relaxed White (9247SS) – An off-white, slightly warm, solid design that is also translucent.

Mink Concrete (9248SS) – A brownish gray design that contains fine white particles and a small amount of fine pearl sheen.

Metro Concrete (9249SS) – A slightly warm gray design that contains fine white particles and a small amount of fine pearl sheen.

Arctic Drift (9246SS) – A completely new look with linear motion that delivers a windswept appearance. Delicate swaths in cool white and various shades of gray extend sideways across the plate.

Aspen Quartzite (9245SS) – An expansive white translucent design with bright white veins that swirls through the plate creating a gentle movement reminiscent of white quartzite stone.

Soothing Waves (9240SS) – An off-white design that has a touch of rose color in the background and bright, active white waves criss-crossing the design.

Quiet Swirl (9241SS) – A light, cool gray movement design with graceful white veins.

· Cloud Mist (9243SS) – A cool gray design with warm gray waves throughout, white particles, and the occasional black speckle.

“At Wilsonart, we’re constantly developing our offering, adding new colors in the same old textures,” added Mikesell. “This introduction offers new colors, new textures and a whole new range of motion that expands the possibilities of acrylic surfaces.”

Virtually seamless and non-porous Wilsonart Solid Surface products are inherently resistant to fading, heat and most stains and do not support the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. They are therefore ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and more. These surfaces are also renewable, repairable, and thermoformable, and can be easily cleaned with just soap and water.

Wilsonart Solid Surface worktops can be combined with the brand’s Solid Surface Sinks for a visually monolithic look. Made from 100% cast acrylic, these sinks are incredibly durable and easy to clean, with no lip or ledge to catch dirt.

Wilsonart Solid Surface meets FDA requirements for food contact and has UL GREENGUARD Gold certification for low chemical emissions to indoor air during product use. Wilsonart Solid Surface is backed by a 15 year limited warranty for households or 10 years for commercial manufacturers and is available nationwide in kitchens, bathrooms and home centers. For more information on Wilsonart products, please visit www.Wilsonart.com.

About Wilsonart
Wilsonart, a global leader in technical surfaces, aims to create surfaces that people love. The company manufactures and sells high pressure laminate, quartz, solid surfaces, coordinated TFL, edge banding machines and other decorative surfaces for use in the office, education, healthcare, residential, hospitality and retail sectors. The company operates and defines the Wilsonart®, Arborite®, Bushboard, Durcon®, KML, Laminart®, Mermaid ™, New Leaf ™, Polyrey®, Ralph Wilson®, Resopal®, Shore ™, Technistone® and Wetwall ™ brands continuously re-creating decorative surfaces through improved performance and award-winning designs.

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