WUSD School Board approves roofing and parking lot projects – The Willits News

The Willits Unified School District (WUSD) school board met on April 14th and unanimously voted to approve the Willits High School (WHS) parking lot project. Local architects and engineers from SHN Consulting have been working on the project with WUSD Superintendent Mark Westerburg for three months. Offer specifications have been released for the renovation of the WHS parking lot, the roundabout in front of the school and the road leading from Main Street to the maintenance building. The local provider Redwood Valley Paving will carry out the project. Westerburg said, “I look forward to doing business and fixing the parking lot.” School Board President Alex Bowlds stated that completing the project will take off the table for the insurance company that has been telling the district for years that there is a risk they will not be involved in this project.

The WUSD school board approved the repaving project for the high school.

The school board also approved the umbrella project at Brookside Elementary School, Baechtel Grove Middle School, and WHS. Westerburg said the same company that made the roof at Blosser Lane Elementary School had the lowest bid of $ 200,000. Westerburg said. “You are a great company. You are doing a good job. “All three locations will be rethought by mid-July.

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, Kelley Labus and Amanda LaRae presented a video exploring neurodiversity. In the video, several WUSD students were introduced and explained what neurodiversity means to them, what causes sensory overload for them, and coping mechanisms.

The restoration project includes renovations to the Willits High School parking lot, the circle in front of the school, and the road that leads from Main Street to the maintenance building

The Willits Teachers Association (WTA), the members of the school council and the superintendent all expressed their joy that the students were back. WTA President Tessa Ford said: “The happy times are back, we have children back on campus. You are excited and the teachers are excited, it’s much better. “Westerburg said:” I am very pleased with our start to bring the students back into the session. That went very well. The teachers accepted the change very well. “He said he was working on principles and meeting with them to bring independent students back to campus. He stated, “You deserve the right to come back to the meeting.” All students at all WUSD locations can take courses on site five days a week.

The circular loop at the front of Willits High School will be paved during the school board approved paving project

The board discussed the reallocation and preparation of the sale of a property owned by the district. The school district owns almost 7 hectares of land near the Kids Club on the Blosser property. The property has been renamed R2, which means that it can be multi-family or single-family homes. The property was valued at $ 1.2 million. Westerburg said: “The community urgently needs housing.” After the assessment is complete and the local authorities have been given the first right of refusal, the WUSD school authorities can decide whether they want to sell the property in whole or in plots or to hold onto the property. The Board of Directors will discuss the matter in detail at its special meeting on May 5th.

During the special session on May 5, the board will also discuss whether to run a COVID testing program for students and how to hire a new superintendent. The meeting takes place at 5 p.m. via Zoom.

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