WWII veteran’s family seeking help for home repairs in Texas

The family estimates the stadium repairs will cost $ 14,000 when all is said and done.

SAN ANTONIO – The ward comes together to help a World War II veteran return to his home.

Alfred Guerra, 95, fought in the Pacific War in 1944 and was awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for his bravery.

After Guerra was injured, he returned to San Antonio. According to his daughter Maria Guerra, his house has a story of its own – it has been standing since before 1942.

“I often asked my father how this house was going,” said Maria Guerra.

She added that they had recently decided to start remodeling his old house, but it was only then that they realized how much work there was to be done.

“One by one everything fell apart. We found that part of the house was sunk so we had to fix it, ”said Maria Guerra.

Guerra says it was so bad that she didn’t feel it was safe for him to be there. That’s why she took it off and her family started a GoFundMe to raise money to get started.

So far, with the help of some community partners, the house has had a new roof, new air conditioning and new insulation, but there is still a lot of electrical, plumbing and siding work to be done before it is habitable again.

“He longs to be home. he wants to be at home, but there is no way he can be home now because the house is in a mess, “said Maria Guerra.” It has no walls, no ceiling; It’s basically the outer shell that holds it together. “

Her current goal is to raise $ 5,000 for the remodel. But when everything is done, it is estimated that it will cost more than $ 14,000 to fully repair the house.

Guerra values ​​everyone who has donated and helped so far, and says every dollar brings their father one step closer to home.

“He’s just totally overwhelmed with all the giving and helping out with his house, and it’s a blessing,” she said.

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