Zinc gutter system supports drainage on new constructions & renovations

RHEINZINK offers an architectural zinc channel system in semicircular or box-shaped forms as well as a selection of more than 300 parts and accessories. These systems are adaptable to virtually any roof configuration and are compatible with most roofing materials, including asphalt shingle, slate and zinc roofing applications. RHEINZINK gutter systems support effective roof drainage in new construction and renovation applications for residential and commercial building projects.

Zinc gutters offer proven performance and a timeless appearance that compliments both traditional and contemporary design. RHEINZINK gutter systems are offered as standard in the colors PrePATINA® blue-gray and graphite gray and CLASSIC® can be light-rolled on special request. The patination, the formation of a natural protective layer, ensures that these gutter systems remain functional for decades – without the need for maintenance.

“With increasing age, zinc acquires an attractive patina and is constantly evolving in terms of its depth, complexity and rich appearance. Its natural beauty, flexibility, durability and sustainability make it an extremely desirable product for gutter systems as well as for roofs and facade cladding, ”said Lisa Colaianni, Marketing Manager at RHEINZINK.

The natural metallic properties of zinc contribute to the self-healing, low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant performance of RHEINZINK products and to a possible service life of 30 years or more. At the end of its useful life on the outside of the building, it remains 100% recyclable. RHEINZINK prePATINA gutters and downpipes are Cradle to Cradle Certified ™ Bronze. Products with these physical health certificates support construction teams in pursuing sustainable and wellness project goals, such as the LEED® v4 rating systems of the US Green Building Council.

“Careful management of rainwater, rainwater and runoff is an essential strategy for maintaining and extending the life cycle of a building’s roof and facade,” she continued. “Semicircular gutters move water more efficiently than other shapes, reducing the likelihood of water retention and debris build-up.”

The prefabricated semicircular gutter system contributes to permanent, effective water management and precise and easy installation, and evacuates and moves water more efficiently than other shapes, as it is less likely to build up water and dirt. It is available in 5 “, 6” or 7.5 “diameters, 9.84” and 19.68 “lengths, and heavy thicknesses of 0.7 and 0.8 mm.

RHEINZINK’s portfolio of patented, precision welded parts and accessories for water diversion and collection also includes: leaf guards and collectors, expansion joints, end caps, brackets, elbows, hangars, adapters, wedges, downpipes and more.

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